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Aludium will sponsor Lucentum Alicante women´s basketball team

    • Lucentum Alicante and Aludium team up to promote women’s sports
    • Aludium is a leading manufacturer of rolled aluminium products with three sites in Europe. It is a international company with a diverse product portfolio and an experienced workforce. In recent years it has made a firm commitment to sustainability both inside and outside the company. This agreement is a significant step on its path to promoting gender equality in society and in sport

    ALICANTE 09/08/2023. Lucentum Alicante and Aludium, a leading manufacturer of rolled aluminium products in several European markets, team up to promote sport,  and especially women’s sport. Aludium, in accordance with its aim of promoting and highlighting gender equality and women’s sports, becomes the main sponsor of the women’s first team of Lucentum Alicante during the 23/24 season. Lucentum Alicante vice president, Ignacio Alonso, and Aludium Plant director, José Ignacio Juan, signed the collaboration agreement at the company’s facilities.

    Lucentum Alicante is proud that a company based in our city and with such a good reputation has committed itself to highlighting our women’s team and showing its support for sport within our province.

    The president of Lucentum Alicante, Daniel Adriasola, expressed his satisfaction with the agreement adopted and thanked Aludium for its support and commitment to sport: “We are proud that such an important national and international company has signed up for the Lucentum project. It’s not easy for companies to step up and Aludium has done so. For an Alicante team like us, it is also satisfying to see how a company with strong connections to our city wants to be part of our project. We are convinced that it is the first step in a collaboration that will last over time.”

    After the signing, José Ignacio Juan, Aludium Alicante director, said that the agreement “is an important step for Aludium on our way to achieve genuine gender equality in society, since sport, in the same way as the metal industry, is still mostly a male-dominated field. With this collaboration, boosting women’s sport, we want to be part of the solution.”

    The team’s vice president, Ignacio Alonso, said that this signing is “a great boost to the women’s first side, a fundamental pillar for the club over the coming years. They were First National category champions last season and have high hopes of being promoted to FEMALE LEAGUE 2”. For Lucentum Alicante, that a company like ALUDIUM, a leader in aluminium industrial solutions (we are also very fortunate that one of its most important production and innovation centres is based in our city), is something to be really proud about and a great morale booster, because it means that one of the most important companies in Alicante wants to help make this project great,” said Alonso.

    “Aludium shares the values associated with sport and is a modern, innovative and sustainable company which is committed and contributes to the growth and well-being of its communities,” added Juan. “To our work of promoting the participation of women in technical university careers applicable to our industry and vocational training cycles, as well as promoting sport as a guarantor of health, we can now add our contribution to promoting women’s sport with Lucentum Alicante,” the director of Aludium Alicante concluded.

    About Aludium

    With more than 60 years’ industrial experience, Aludium is a leading manufacturer of aluminium rolled products in Europe. The company, which has approximately 1,000 employees, offers the market a varied portfolio of high-quality aluminium sheets and coils. Aludium’s products are distributed to customers in the fields of architecture, energy, insulation, equipment, packaging, and transportation sectors around the world. Aludium develops innovative products and production processes through its Cindal R+D centre. Sustainability and innovation are the hubs around which it bases its strategy, and promoting genuine and effective gender equality, together with the health and safety of its workforce, are its social sustainability priorities.