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On International Women’s Day Aludium pays tribute to the talent of all the women in the company


    8 March 2023. Here at Aludium we are speeding up the steps we are taking to achieve a more egalitarian and fairer society where the gender gap in the metal sector, in general, and in the aluminium sector, in particular, ceases to be the usual rule. In line with the above, and commemorating International Women’s Day, Aludium has paid tribute today to all the women who have formed and are part of the company with an emotional act consisting of planting purple flowers in the flowerbeds of Alicante and Amorebieta arranged in the shape of a violet ribbon, the international symbol most used in the events held on 8 March. During the encounter, attended by part of the staff of the two plants, a commemorative plaque was also unveiled honouring all the women of Aludium.


    “With this symbolic act, Aludium wishes to celebrate the wide and diverse female talent within the company. It is also a sign of our commitment and actions to progress along the path of genuine gender equality, towards a more egalitarian and inclusive society,” said the management team. “These flowers are a public recognition of the talent, passion and effort of the women who are part of the history and present of Aludium”, added those responsible.


    Last year Aludium intensified its gender equality efforts and actions, framed within its sustainability strategy, and set a goal for 2025 in this field that was published in 2022: ‘To promote gender equality by increasing the percentage of women in technical and management positions, among other proposals, to become a leading company in the sector in gender inclusion and diversity’. Furthermore, the company is developing more action plans to foster gender diversity and inclusion at Aludium and attract and retain the best talent in the market across its departments and sites.

    Aludium Women’s Week 2023

    On the occasion of International Women’s Day, this year the company has organised the Aludium Women’s Week to communicate, develop and take part in its own actions or actions led by its stakeholders. This initiative aims to raise awareness and join efforts to make visible, support and value the role of women in the different sectors and areas of society so as to shorten the path towards gender equality, leaving no one behind.


    In addition to these events, Conchi Castelló, HR Manager of Aludium, took part on behalf of the company in the commemorative institutional act of 8 March, organised by the Councillor for Equality of the City of Alicante, María Conejero Requena, held in the Blue Room of Alicante town hall. The slogan of the campaign was: ‘For those who paved the way, for those who followed in their footsteps. All of them.’ “It is very important and necessary that public bodies, like the City Council of Alicante, rely on companies like Aludium to lead these acts of social awareness” says Castelló. “Aludium, as a benchmark company in the province, has the responsibility and commitment to lead the change on gender at the local level, and that, can only be achieved through public-private partnerships,” she said.

    Innovation as a leading player on 8M

    To finish off this 8 March full of encounters, Catalina Fernández, director of Cindal R&D in Aludium and a member of the company’s management team, was interviewed for the special programme that the Local Agency for Economic and Social Development of Alicante and the radio station Onda Cero have prepared this morning. “It is a pleasure for me and for Aludium to be able to help place in the public eye those female role models who work in the field of the STEM disciplines, and specifically engineering, as well as publicising female leadership and talent. We must empower girls, young women and women and reinforce our leadership every day of the year so that there are real and faster changes in our everyday work,” says this director in her interview. “The visibility of female role models in the field of the STEM disciplines is key to reducing the gender gap in these careers and promoting sustainable development,” says Fernández.

    This year the United Nations has chosen the slogan ‘For an inclusive digital world: innovation and technology for gender equality’  with the aim of reducing the digital divide and lowering the percentage of 37% of women who still have not benefited from technological advances. Here at Aludium, we continue to move forward to speed up that change.