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AEA annual meeting takes place at Aludium Alicante

    The annual assembly of the Spanish aluminium association AEA took place at Aludium Alicante on 4 April 2019. Aludium welcomed 75 people from more than 40 different companies to the annual gathering.

    One of the main themes was Innovation and Technology. Aludium’s Alicante Plant Director, José Ignacio Juan Planelles presented a paper on the topic. Titled ‘Industry 4.0 at Aludium’, the paper outlined some of the technological advances that are available to the aluminium industry and which are being deployed at Aludium.

    The second major theme was Sustainability and the Environment. Rosa García, Sustainability Director of Alcoa, presented a paper on the importance of developing standards which will help the aluminium industry to become more sustainable.

    Following the formal part of the meeting, participants had the opportunity to visit Aludium’s Alicante plant and the Cindal R&D centre.