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Aludium Amorebieta is committed to increasing women’s presence in industry

    8 March 2024. Last Wednesday, the VI edition of ‘Women and Industry’, organised by the Biscayan Metal Federation, was held. Women occupying leadership positions in Basque industry took part in a round table discussion on the same date. During the debate, they talked about their experience and proposed possible actions. Of all the ideas and views put forward during the conference, there was one idea with which all the speakers agreed: Women provide talent, diversity, and a clear competitive edge. Companies must continue to support their visibility in industry with content that eliminates hostility so that management can place their trust in women to represent their companies as role models.

    Amorebieta’s Human Resources team supports the actions proposed since many of them are already being carried out within our organisation. The most important aspect is visibility, ensuring our company is more attractive to women, both at the engineering and the Vocational Training levels, which are so necessary for workshop jobs.

    Management’s commitment: The Equality Plan and ‘Aludium’s Women’s Committee’

    The first and most important action is Aludium Executive Committee’s strong commitment to enabling the inclusion of women in our industry and providing them with training. The company is continuously improving its Equality Plan and it has establisheda ‘Women’s Committee’ led by a female director. This committee meets regularly to propose and implement actions promoting the comprehensive development of women within the industry.

    Among the actions carried out, we can mention the development of a Team Leader training programme, thus making it easier for women within the organisation to undergo training with the chance to acquire personal development and assume more responsibility while at the same time strengthening the company’s in-house female talent.

    Fostering talent through training: training internships and scholarships

    Aludium does not restrict its actions to its own facilities. The company collaborates closely with universities and training centres in the Basque Country. In addition to offering extracurricular training internships, Aludium supports Dual Training, providing opportunities for students to develop practical skills in an industrial setting.

    In line with the above, we cannot fail to mention the scholarship promoted by Aludium Amorebieta to allow a Vocational Training student to carry out an internship within the grinding workshop. It is difficult to find parity in engineering career paths, but it is even more so to find it within Vocational Training linked to the industrial sector.

    Moving Towards Equality: a strong strategy

    Aludium’s strategy for boosting female talent and eliminating the gender gap in the industrial sector is underway and moving in the right direction. While we recognise that it is a long-distance race, the company continues to implement actions and work closely with training centres to present and highlight the industrial sector as an attractive option for women seeking professional careers at every level.

    On International Women’s Day 2024 and, indeed, every day of the year, Amorebieta’s Human Resources team reaffirms its commitment to working tirelessly towards equality. Aludium continues to be a beacon in the industry, leading the way with specific examples towards a more equal, just, and inclusive future.