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Aludium publishes its 2022 Sustainability Report

    April 12, 2023. In 2022, Aludium has been able to achieve major steps forward on its Sustainability agenda. I’m sure this annual update report will enable you to get a better feeling of the incredible progress we have made. Not only have we designed all our mid-term objectives, but we also have initiated all the necessary actions plans to achieve many tangible improvements directly impacting our customers and employees.

    Among other relevant key actions, we have launched the Women’s Committee to strengthen the diversity in the company in the short and the long-term, we have certified all our factories to both the Performance and CoC standards from ASI, we have modelized our entire carbon footprint value-chain considering direct and indirect emissions, we have launched a new product line called Aludium ECO with certified low carbon covering a large diversity of applications and markets.

    These are not just words but real facts and figures, resulting from many companywide projects or local initiatives. It shows that the passion for making Aludium a leader in sustainability is shared across the entire company. I invite you to join us in our journey and enjoy the read of our 2022 Annual Report.

    Lionel Chapis.

    ALUDIUM Chief Executive Officer.