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    May 18, 2022. The new edition of ‘ALUDIUM TODAY’ is now available. This issue is loaded with news and successful projects such as the third of ‘ONE ALUDIUM’, designed to improve the company’s productivity, where three key members of the project team share their experience in developing it. Teamwork, strategy and the passion with which we do our work are some of the keys to exceeding our expectations in each publication of ‘ALUDIUM TODAY’.

    Our values ​​give meaning to the company and there is no activity that has as many values ​​as sport. Seven colleagues from ALUDIUM reveal their passion for sport and our medical team talks to us, in case any of the readers do not practice sport regularly, about the benefits of sport for physical, mental and social health. They also encourage us and gives us tips to integrate it into our routine in a simple way. As the third featured content, on the occasion of World Recycling Day, we show the actions we have carried out this week to raise awareness among the team about recycling and responsible consumption. Now, click and discover more news on ‘ALUDIUM TODAY 12’.

     Download ‘ALUDIUM TODAY 12’ here