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Aludium wishes you Merry Christmas and a magnificent new year 2023

    19 December 2022. Once again, we gather together with our loved ones to say goodbye to another year and welcome 2023. A new beginning full of embraces and wishes for good health and happiness. In Aludium, taking stock of what we experienced in 2022, we want to wish everyone the best and thank those who are reading these lines, since we would not have been capable of finding ourselves in such a good place without our team’s talent, commitment, and passion, and without the support and trust of our clients and colleagues. We close a year in which we have increased our activity and responsibility towards all our stakeholders, speeding up the transition to a low-carbon economy and a fairer, healthier, safer, and more equal society.

    Since it is already a company tradition, every year we hold a contest for our employees’ children, to design our Christmas card with two categories divided by the age of those taking part. This year our Christmas greeting is very special thanks to the creativity of the two girls who are our winners. Aludium wishes to thank all those taking part and acknowledge their creative talent because the entries were all very high quality. The prizes for the two winners shall be sent to the two associations chosen by them: ‘Juegoterapia’ shall receive €100 and ‘Action Against hunger’, €200.


    In the 0-6 year-old categoryAITANA BRAVO.

    Donation of €100 to the association “JUEGOTERAPIA”.

    In the 7-11 year-old category:FLAVIA SCHORR BRA.

     Donation of €200 to the association “Action Against hunger”.

    We hope that all your wishes and desires come true in 2023. On behalf of the entire Aludium team: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!