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Aludium and the Adecco Foundation develop a corporate volunteering action with high social impact in Alicante

    Alicante. November 9, 2021. Diversity, equity, and social inclusion are key to promoting equal opportunities within companies and reducing social inequality, as well as being levers to increase the competitiveness of companies. Aludium is a company committed to society and to the protection and preservation of biodiversity. Within this framework, on Saturday November 6, Aludium and the Adecco Foundation carried out a corporate volunteering action with high social impact on the Carabassí beach, between Elche and Santa Pola, in the Spanish province of Alicante.

    Throughout the morning, a group of 52 volunteers from Aludium, their families, and a local group of people with disabilities worked together to clean the beach of plastics and discover the rich biodiversity along the coast. The activity, developed by the Adecco Foundation and framed within its corporate volunteering program, had the collaboration of the Integra T Association of Elche.

    “We are excited to have Aludium volunteers work alongside local people with disabilities in this important work, resulting both in cleaner beaches for all and a greater sense of inclusion and understanding for all the participants”, explains Conchi Castelló, HR manager of Aludium’s Alicante plant. “The experience has been very enriching, inspiring, and motivating for all the people who participated in the dynamic. With this action we have managed to make the simple, something extraordinary”, adds the person in charge.

    The event took place in two mixed teams consisting of volunteers who work at Aludium and people with disabilities from the ‘Employment for All’ program of the Adecco Foundation.. Beaches, in addition to being an excellent outdoor recreational space, play a very important role in the ecosystem since they provide a habitat with unique conditions for many animals and plants. “At Aludium we wanted to sensitize our team about the preservation of the Mediterranean Sea by linking it to a volunteer action. We have been aware of the need to take care of the environment by discovering the amount of waste that we generate and that reaches the sea, damaging our ecosystem, achieving greater awareness of its conservation and improvement”, concludes Castelló. Juan Pablo Martínez, coordinator at Fundación Adecco, expressed his gratitude and satisfaction for the day. “Thank you very much to all the Aludium volunteers for their generosity in sharing their time and knowledge, as well as to the members of the Integra-T association for their love and joy, which infected us throughout the day,” said Martínez. Prior to this activity, the Adecco Foundation developed training in which they gave some guidelines for working with people with disabilities in order to make the activity as satisfying and enriching as possible for everyone.